Customer testimonials Duchatel Biarritz



"The service they provide goes beyond customization. »

"My father has a house in Biarritz, I spend my holidays since my childhood. So I know the Duchâtel shop forever. Fabrice and Patrick have just extraordinary pieces, that is why I am very loyal to them even though I live in Madrid! As for me, I bought exclusively singular pieces coming out of the ordinary with the certainty of not find them on someone else. I love fashion and follow trends but I especially love the timeless, that last time. Also, I have a well-defined style, and Fabrizio understood perfectly. I trust him 100% because even managed to improve it! His eye makes all the difference. He knows my tastes, my guess desires ... it is a great professional, I admire him a lot. With Patrick, when they buy parts, they think first of all to their clients. In this way, the service they provide goes beyond customization. It gives me the greatest luxury. "

Interior designer, Madrid (Spain). Instagram @martadelarica


"Fabrice and Patrick are providing valuable advice. »

"I discovered the Duchâtel when she opened shop, past simply. I love its elegance but also the variety of items it offers to the fashion, always of the highest quality. This offer also renews constantly, is very significant. Real efforts are made to this level. For my part, I mainly buy costumes and, occasionally more casual clothes for the weekend. The staff is impeccable and undeniable quality service. Knowing the tastes of the customer, and anticipating their needs, Fabrice and Patrick are providing valuable advice. How to accessorize an outfit for example: what cravat, which pair of shoes, what satchel choose to complete his look. Besides, my wife - who now frequent the shop with me - happens over these tips! Special mention also for retouching practiced are always perfect. »

Notary, Biarritz. Instagram @ fracha8



"Could not regret a purchase in this shop! »

"For over ten years I frequent the Duchatel shop since it opened really. Of course, over the years, we became friends with Fabrice and Patrick. In addition to great taste, these are incredible buyers. They have a sharp eye in absolutely all brands they represent, both for men than for women. They also know adviser as none other. Could not regret a purchase in this shop! In the high-end fashion, Duchatel is my sole supplier. If I lived in Paris and that I mark a piece, I necessarily buy at Duchatel. Apart from shoes, I myself provide everything from large pieces such as coats, jackets and suits sets but also many clothes. Fabrice and Patrick are also capable of the impossible just a few years, I was looking for a Dior Saharan Africa that was not available anywhere ... they managed to find me, I do not know by what miracle but they did! The shop itself is fabulous, I advise eyes closed! »

Designer shoes, Biarritz. Instagram @frankcharriaut


"I always feel lucky when I crossed the steps of the shop. »

"I am a loyal client, and that since the first day. So even if I look at the showcases of other brands in Biarritz or elsewhere, Duchatel is for me the only one and the only shop where I get clothes. I find everything I want, even at my age! There are for all tastes and styles. I discovered the house Rabih Kayrouz and, every year, I try to buy one of their pieces. I love what they do. At Duchatel, which I particularly appreciate, it is the variety of the proposed pieces and the constant renewal of the offer. Every season, its lot of novelties. I admire Fabrice and Patrick for this remarkable work they do. They also offer personalized service. They know perfectly what we expect from them. Personally, I always feel privileged when I cross the shop or when they call me to warn me for the purchase of new pieces that could please me. In short, they do everything to please us. They are of great professionalism. Over the years, I used to pass them regularly, I love them! »

Retired, Biarritz. Instagram @ McDeleon49

Natacha Teissier

"Duchatel is a real nugget in Biarritz".

"I knew the Duchatel shop in its infancy. I went there for my husband, because the woman was not yet represented. It is a shop that has perfectly evolved and refine its selection of brands, today very pointed. Duchatel is a real nugget in Biarritz. If you want to dress well and access known and recognized brands, but also more confidential with a strong personality, this is where to go. The magic of this shop also takes place with the expert eye of Fabrice and Patrick. At DuChattel, it's all the time the right room, the right house, for each customer. They know how to advise and showcase all profiles. For my part, they have succeeded the potential of my chameleon style, sometimes strict, sometimes relaxed. When I visit them, I stay there and I'm inflated to block! It's like a therapy. What I like too is the singularity of their choices. We find no pieces we do not see everywhere. What I mean by that is that I never look like a provincial when I go to Paris (laughs). The strength of Fabrice and Patrick, it is also to recover all the time in question, they do not remain "stuck" in a brand, a style, an era ... every time I pass in front of the shop, I have Want to buy everything! I love them deeply, they do a good good in Biarritz! »

Restorer, Arctangues. Instagram @Natachedffe