Biarritz, a singular city with a share of magic.

Biarritz has always welcomed a certain aristocratic, intellectual and artistic elite who mix with Monsieur and Madame everybody. It is a chic, elegant and sophisticated city, but also bohemian and popular. His youth is beautiful, sporty, creative, free and casual. A blend of the most inspiring to us who, of course, follow fashion and its trends, but who also love us to appropriate it and interpret it to give it an attractive imagination thanks to the creations of talented designers to the discreet notoriety. A daring, unique to the identity of Biarritz, which allows us to always surprise you. Indeed, in the era of globalisation, it would have been inconceivable for us to present in our shop only a global view of the fashion and the dictates imposed by the big houses to standardise a clientele. Biarritz is much more than a city in fashion ... it is a style in its own right! And as Coco Chanel said, " Fashion fashioned out, style never ».