Luxury flat shoes for women

More suited to working life, flat shoes are real allies for women on a full daily life. With our selection of luxury sandals, you will no longer have to choose between elegance and comfort. And if your rhythmic days no longer laugh with High heel shoes (link), that doesn't prevent you from acquiring a pair for other occasions.

Luxury moccasins for women

Now designed in leather for high -end moccasins, these flat shoes and their iconic shape have crossed the centuries. Often borrowed from the men's locker room, a pair of luxury moccasins, like the shoes Saint Laurent, Can transform a casual-chic outfit or complete an already dressed look. So we note this must-have: Great brand moccasins And made in Italy preferably!

SLuxury Andales for Women

If the choice of Moccasins Luxe Women you seem to be a dangerous bias, the voice of reason and the Luxe Women's Sandals will always be there for you! THE high -end sandals have nothing to envy to St Laurent Shoes : comfort, quality and style are there. Just look at them Gianvito Rossi sandals or the Jil Sander shoes To understand that luxury sandals are quality sandals !

Favorite for the “Lido” sandals of Bottega Veneta and their intreccio pattern which would go perfectly with One of the famous House Handbags (link).

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