Paco Rabanne "Silver Shopping"Paco Rabanne "Silver Shopping"
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Luxury shopping bag

Partner of all your outings, the bag is available today in all sizes and all forms. It may seem difficult to project yourself and choose only one, so our advice to be able to take everything without concessions, it is the Large luxury bag. Be careful, large format does not mean that the style will be put aside. Look at yourself and find the Large brand shopping bag that suits you.

Loewe shopping bags

If you are looking for a Brand shopping bag, let yourself be seduced by the generous dimensions of the model Hammock Loewe. It finds its balance between the proportions of a catch-all and the quality of a Big brand bag

THE Loewe shopping bags that we have selected are adorned with flexible suede side panels at the different colors but you can completely crack for their Nappa veal leather cadet, the flamenco bag xl loewe. Just one more brand, This big bucket is distinguished by its singular form.

Basket Saint Laurent

On the side of Casas St Laurent, it's the YSL monogram that we recommend. Iconic shopping bags of the brand, this Large YSL bag Marie the canvas and the leather smooths perfectly.

For a bag with more discreet dimensions than these luxury tote bags, it's up to you to choose between strapless, THE mini and the pockets ! Browse our full range of Luxury bags for women.

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