Big men's shirts for men

It is the essential male piece, the one that dresses a relaxed look, gives relief to a costume or marries with the most elegant accessories, like ties and bow tie ... The men's shirt comes to infinity, in color, in materials and styles: from the classic united shirt to the Inverted white collar shirt, passing through the more “dandy” cuts like the Charles Sébline shirt… Browse our collection of Men's shirts And make your choice!

Luxury Italian shirts for men

In your perfect shirt quest, you target a model of luxury Italian shirt ? Excellent choice ! Buy an Italian shirt, it is a guarantee of quality, but also of class and Latin elegance. Unparalleled know-how and a fair balance between tradition and modernity for design; there Men's Italian shirt is a timeless. Fancy an exceptional piece? The greatest creators express themselves on the High -end Italian shirt, as much as family traditions as Rossi. Do you like Italian know-how? Discover All our home products Rossi.

If you only have to decide for a color, know that it is the Italian white shirt Who will marry the most with all your outfits, whether it is to decide with a dark costume, or to dress more relaxed jeans or chinos type pants. But if you are looking for originality, know that the luxury Italian shirt is available just as well in striped or printed version!

Sebline shirts for men

If the men's shirt is a great classic, some creators know how to reinvent it perfectly. This is the case of Charles Sébline, an enthusiast of this iconic play of the male locker room who notably worked withYves Saint Laurent, and which today signs a collection of luxury men's shirts At the crossroads between British aesthetics and French chic.

There SEBLINE shirt is also well in a straight cut with classic collar, with a model of Men's ecru shirt with fine black stripes, that in the cut flannel

Curious to discover the work of this creator? Discover our selection of Home -Home Home Clothing.

Inverted collar men's shirts

Want a shirt that comes out of the ordinary, without losing its elegance? And if you dare reverse collar shirt ? Originally from India, this collar is folded inwards, the latter, so being open. At the antipodes of the classic “too much” cut, the Inverted collar shirt Casse an overly strict side and is worn without tie.

If you like this style, you will surely fall for the Rossi white inverted collar shirt. Italian manufacturing and composed of 100% cotton, it will be worn both at the office and on weekends for your outings. All you need to do is match it with one of our pLarge brand antallions !
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