Women's bracelets

Materials, shapes, colors: our selection of High -end bracelets for women explore all the registers of the luxury jewelry

THE Luxury Women's Bracelet is like the one who wears it: unique, refined and attractive. Become the center of attention with our high -end bracelets Large houses such as The gram, Annelise Michelson, Status, Lauren Rubinski, Perrine Taverniti, Magali Pont. 

Luxury bracelets

Delicate ties, precious links, the Luxury gold bracelet where the luxury silver bracelet for women sublimate the wrist of those who carry them. Simple or combined, the Brand bracelet for women Kiss the wrist curves to get as close as possible to the skin.

With the luxury bracelets for women, Enter a world of technicality and creativity.Our range of high -end brand bracelets for women Exists for all tastes: from the most refined, with the most sophisticated and voluminous versions.

In love with the charm of the timeless, the cable bracelet The gram will be able to charm you with its round curves, all in finesse. Do you want a more pep's style and trendy? THE Gold bracelet for women of Perrine Taverniti is the learned agreement between modernism and refinement.

To bring in accumulation during your most chic or alone evenings for more casual outfits, our Luxury bracelets for women will be able to bring out the exceptional, the glamor and the elegance that characterize you.

High -end bracelets of creators

Modern lines and meticulous know-how: our collection of bracelets of Haute jewelry for women is made up of expert designers working the most precious metals. Golden bracelets for women, silver bracelets, enter a refined luxury universe.

Taste for minimalism and sleek style? Let yourself be tempted by a high -end bracelet such as the cable bracelet The gram or one luxury rush of the House Magali Pont Where precision of proportions, concern for detail and simplicity are law.

Fancy an assumed style with volume in your jewelry? Opt for a luxury silver bracelet from Status Or Peruffo which give an extraordinary style with strong codes.

So, ready to shine? Do not hesitate to go look at our side of our Bear To dress your head port.
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