Present in Biarritz for 15 years, DUCHATEL is located on the prestigious Avenue Edouard VII. This modern and uncluttered store uses quality materials such as stone, marble, rosewood, and stainless steel. The lines are sober, clean, and precise.

Versatile, the boutique reveals itself under different guises according to the seasons and the collections. If the first floor is reserved for women, the first floor is dedicated to men with space for accessories, leather goods, and shoes.

What Fabrice and Patrick - founders and artistic directors of DUCHATEL Biarritz - love most of all is pure luxury: the kind that doesn't show off, the kind that is reflected in the quality, beautiful materials, new shapes, and original cuts.

Since the beginning, their goal has been to offer a high-end selection of heterogeneous styles in order to meet the tastes and desires of as many people as possible.

They have also made it their mission to always surprise their customers. Avant-gardists at heart, and on the lookout for upcoming trends, the duo selects each season young designers and new confidential brands from all over the world.

If the DNA of DUCHATEL Biarritz is to stand out and take risks, the proposed offer also meets the demands of a clientele looking for standard, more classic pieces.

In a few words, DUCHATEL Biarritz is a non-consensual open-mindedness. It's all about sharing and trust. Let us guide you and let the experts do the work.