Originally from the Landes region of France, Lucas Castex returned to his native region after 10 years on the island of Reunion and began creating his first wooden pieces in 2015.

Self-taught and multidisciplinary, navigating between sculptures, decoration and architecture, it is in his workshop in the heart of the family neighborhood that Lucas works this wood that he transforms into Necklaces, Totems, and other sculptural forms.

Essentially made of oak (the emblematic tree of the Landes airials where he grew up), his sculptures, strongly inspired by the primitive arts, evoke travels as well as ethnic objects, always with the same will in his work, that of sublimating the nature of the wood itself. For Lucas, a strong piece must above all awaken the senses. To look at it, to touch it, to feel it, but also, that each one can imagine in its own way, the history of each piece.