Women's pockets

Fashion icon in the world of leather goods, pocket is much more than an accessory, more than a jewel, more than a bag. It has become the flagship of a chic outfit. Rigid pocket Or flexible pocket, everything succeeds in this almost decorative piece which will bring class and distinction to those who will dare to grasp it with your fingertips. Also carried under the arm, the pocket bag always has its little effect. Another good reason to crack and keep the essentials close to you!


Opt for a luxury pouch And go to the upper level of style. Small or high opportunity, the noble materials that make it up will make her the star of the evening. Difficult to be mistaken when you put on a high-end article like this. Pop color to decorate your favorite little black dress or more sober shade to agree with all your outfits? Envelope bag Or bulky pocket ? Regardless, as long as the quality of Italian manufacturing is there when choosing your large brand. Our advice: we prefer leather so that it lasts in time and united so that it is timeless.


Among our selection of brand, the famous Yves pocket Saint Laurent (which we call more soberly today "Saint Laurent”) Who does not have to be ashamed in front of the big ones: a concentrate of quality, class and practicality alone. Choose this Quilted envelope bag to golden details if you are looking for a YSL pocket Who goes with everything!

If you still hesitate between the pocket Saint Laurent or one Bag with more generous dimensions, we won't blame you to look.

You prefer audacity to the sobriety of St Laurent pocket ? Our model of Bottega Veneta pouch Is the one you need to keep your personal effects at hand. Soft and bulky pocket, THE Bottega Veneta bag will certainly seduce you with its tangy color.

With your Bottega pouch, why not play the total look card and discover the other rooms in the house Bottega Veneta ?
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