Lyne Fromiga is inspired by artists such as Picasso and Cocteau, whom she has admired for many years. But she is also passionate about Japan. When she returned from her first trip to Japan, she started to create Japanese drawings.  They translate into pure curves echoing both Biarritz and the Basque coast. Today, her most famous design is 10 years old! It is the "Basque face". At first, the curves of this face were more rounded and some time later her husband suggested that she give it a more "Art Deco" touch. It was then that Lyne decided to refine this face in a more geometric way.

    The second design in this universe is the bathers. The artist created the bathers exclusively with Fabrice (artistic director of DUCHATEL). It is through this collaboration with DUCHATEL that this drawing marked year 30 at the same time inspired by Cocteau and the Basque faces that the bathers were born. His gift comes from his grandparents without any hesitation. Her grandmother was a painter as well as her grandfather. Lyne is self-taught, she has never been to school nor taken any classes except for a few technical courses for porcelain.