It was in 2012 that the adventure of the house of Annelise Michelson began. The South African-born Parisian designer immediately positioned herself as a free spirit in the highly codified world of high-end jewelry. Her pieces are couture, glamorous, sculptural... An artist above all, she conceives her pieces as objects charged with beauty and meaning, carriers of strength and channelers of self-confidence. Her jewels are not "accessories", they are made to dress the wearer, they are central. The designs and volumes are made to be seen.

With this strong bias, Annelise Michelson has been attracting the attention of colleagues such as Rihanna, Juliette Binoche, Zoe Kravitz, Robin Wright or Leandra Cohen. This allowed the house to flourish quickly. From then on, the Annelise Michelson house will never stop growing and evolving, counting today more than ten collections with evocative names such as Draped, Unchained, Wire, or Vertigo.