Luxury women's jackets

Final touch of an outfit, it relaxes a strict look or on the contrary give a chic note to an outfit; there Women's winter jacket is the essential season of season. We choose it hot, sleeveless jacket Or Women's fleece jacket, in the heart of winter, or lighter in the offseason, like a Jean jacket, A vest, or a Women's Surchemise, Piece of this year. We even take shelter under a pretty hooded woman. Discover our luxury brand women's jackets and our High -end jackets favorites.

Sleeveless jackets

After being shunned for several seasons, the Women's sleeveless jacket signed his comeback in the dresses of these ladies, and in particular in his declination in Sleeveless fleece for women. We choose it, in a natural color, or why not contrasting with a black pocket. Without a doubt, the Women's fleece jacket is a product of luxury !

If you don't like it polar or that you are looking for a more mid-season jacket for women, we can only advise you to adopt the sleeveless vest, which remains a timeless. In superposition or alone, just buttoned, the luxury vest expresses all its potential, whatever the outfit, just like the chic denim jacket, a luxury jacket that we will easily grant with everything.

The choice of parts to wear with a Luxury sleeveless jacket is of the greatest importance. We opt for a knit colorful to brighten up your day, or for a blouse elegant ... and in case of very cold, we put on a coat Above, and here we are adorned to go out!

Women's Capes & Ponchos

Depending on the time, it is sometimes difficult to find the woman jacket Perfect for thewinter, especially if you want it to protect you from the rain! Do not panic, the Range jackets are made for you! With their unisex models, the Range jackets are as much for women than for men.

We particularly fall for the model rain cape women, which brings together all the criteria of chic cape Perfect: a cut of poncho cape with closure with press button adapted to the practice of bicycle for city dwellers, a hood For women and a polyester and polyurethane composition which classifies it directly in the category of capes women perfectly Waterproof. It looks like the Winter woman cape Perfect exists!

With its loose and comfortable cut, the cape is the woman's coat Light, practical and sober. To match it with absolutely everything, we choose a black cape, just as feminineThere chic woman is a signed room Rains. Discover All brand products Rains.

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