Heeled shoes for women

They lengthen the leg and set off a silhouette. Symbols of femininity, luxury heels Hauts often alone make it more elegant outfit ... provided you know how to choose them! Of the luxury sandals to brand pumps, square heels, offset at the luxury needle heel shoe, you will necessarily find the pair you need from our selection of shoes to luxury heels.

Women's heeled sandals

If the Luxury flat sandals are a safe bet to wear upon the arrival of sunny days, why not dare to take a little height with a pair of luxury high heels sandals ? The creator Gianvito Rossi is the reference in this area! Among our favorite models, luxury heels “Lena” and their square end and ankle bridle, completely handmade in Italy with noble materials. Refined, feminine and elegant pieces, Gianvito Rossi sandals are a must-have!

But if you are looking for high -end sandals and quality sandals, know that there are also many other models of Luxe Women's Sandals who will be able to trigger the favorite at home.

How to choose the pair of brand sandals perfect ? Start by establishing the heel height that suits you best; If you are a regular on luxury heel sandal, and that you perch at the top of ten centimeters do not scare you, take the step of the models of brand heels The highest! Otherwise, choose safety with a heel half-high, and preferably square or compensated for maximum stability. The little tip to know absolutely in terms of luxury sandal !

Then the color and material of luxury sandals is just as important: we opt for a Women's brand sandal black, or brilliant to wear with a Evening dress, while during the day or for a cocktail, we prefer to dare the luxury woman Color: pastel or flashy, it is you who decide! Rather discreet? On the branded woman sandals Also, nude and camel tones are easy to match sure values ​​and which will always have their small effect.

You now know everything to make the best choice, for Luxury Women's Sandals Who will not leave you from the season!

You have already cracked for a pair of luxury women's sandals ? You will certainly love the rest of our selection of vsLuxury bulls for women.

Luxury women's pumps

In terms of timeless classic, theluxury pump undoubtedly occupies the first place of the podium of luxury woman heel !

Thick heel or needle heel, this luxury heel shoe There is multiple possibilities, but always with elegance and class. So, theluxury pump Available with or without an ankle bridle, in matt leather or varnish, and in neutral tones as in bright colors! The most original models even offer braided leather, such as the model ofpump “Cone Hell Pump” signed The Row.

And if sometimes it turns out to be uncomfortable, it is certainly because it is not made in a quality material. To be sure not to be mistaken and to choose a high -end pump, we check the provenance: theluxury Italian pump is by far the best! If it comes from a large house of Luxury heel shoes, you can go there with your eyes closed, like the models of Gianvito Rossi shoes For example. The Row is also a Luxury Pumps brand reference. In short, we choose a big brand for better durability.

If the luxury high heel shoe Give character to your outfit, do not forget to add the final note that will enhance your look: the bag by hand ! You will certainly find what you need among our Women's bags.
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