Little leather goods for women

They are the essentials of your handbag and contain what you have most precious; Wallets and other small leather goods are the essentials of everyday life. And it is not because they are small that we must forget the style! Wallet, wallet or Luxury card door… Discover our models and make your choice!

Luxury Women's Women

How to choose a good quality wallet, without giving up style? By choosing a large fashion house, a Yves wallet Saint Laurent (From now on "Saint Laurent”), For example, we are sure not to be mistaken! Noble materials like leather, Italian manufacturing for traceability, or even design mattress to respond to the trend of the moment ... You may have recognized it, the famous YSL portfolio “Monogramis the one who will be able to fill you!

And if you like this wallet Saint Laurent, you will undoubtedly fall for the other pieces of the Yves collection Saint Laurent !

Luxury women's luxury and carriers

Less bulky than a wallet, but just as useful, the wallet has a regressive and retro appearance that comforts us. But no question of abandoning style! Again, the Yves wallet Saint Laurent is a must. We choose it zipped for the practical side, or only in Rabat for more freedom of use.

And if you really can't decide between wallets and YSL wallet, why not opt ​​for a hybrid model that responds to the two functions? Then choose a St Laurent portfolio With card slits and an open or zipped compartment.

THE Women's Wallet Ysl is also a perfect gift idea to offer on any occasion: it is a symbolic attention that marks and will make sure!

If you are rather a fan of minimalism, or if you are looking for the least bulky part to slip into a pocket or a mini bag, then the Luxury brand card door is the one you need! Simple or flap with a press button closure, it allows you to take with you the bare minimum: two or three cards, sometimes a little money. Who said we needed more?

In this range, we can only recommend the iconic you Yves card door Saint Laurent : with its metal initials “YSL”, this card door is a must-have of all female handbags. Golden or silver, its refined finishes will conquer you, like the model "Uptown”With its three card slots and sound wallet marked Yves Saint Laurent.

And if you were still missing an argument to adopt it, YSL card door is in veal leather: it will elegantly resist all the tests of your daily life!

Has this search for small leather goods also made you want a new luxury handbag? Tote bag, Bags Bandoulière Or pochest, let yourself be guided among all our sWomen's brand ACS !
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