Men's t-shirts & sweatshirts

Sweat Zmen's ippé

Worn for its comfort and heat, the luxury men's sweatshirt gradually imposed itself in the fashion sphere and is one of the trends of the moment.

Original hooded sweatshirt, Kangaroo pocket hood, or Luxury zipped sweatshirt for men : with a multitude of sections, colors and original materials, the Men's luxury brand sweatshirt has become essential to the male wardrobe that will let your personality express themselves.

Want a casual chic look? We opt for a Original men's sweatshirt: a timeless cut of high -end sweatshirt With a round neck, united colors that marry your jeans.

Active man, fashion follower and in search of comfort, we opt for a Zipped hooded for men's hood, also called Zip hood, which gives us a more trendy look. How ? By shifting our Manteaux Lardini The most chic with a Zipped hooded sweatshirt. To marry a chino and a pair of sneakers To finish your look.

For an urban style very in sight and with uncompromising comfort, we opt for a total Look Sportswear with a Men's hooded sweatshirt and a luxury jogging of OUR Selection of pants. OUR LOEWE sweatshirt will give you an assertive, uninhibited and the tip of fashion.

Zelet zmen's ippé

Indispensable ally of the businessman looking for comfort, the Luxury zipped vest for men will give you a trendy look and in tune with the times. Just like the Mesh or even high -end sweatshirts, THE Hooded zipped vests Or without are timeless male fashion.
THE brand vest for HommHe is available by a thousand and one way to allow you to compose unique looks and let your personality express.

Choose in our selection, a Kashmir men's zipped vest or one Cotton men's zipped vest For a chic, original and comfortable rendering. The cut and length of Zipped men's vest must be adjusted to enhance your figure.

Perfect for a casual look at work, the High -end men's zipped vest is also available in Hooded zipped vest So that you can have style in any season.

Chic and trendy detail of your outfit, the Zipped men's vest Black With or without a hood will be the ally of your style in all your outfits.
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