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Men's luxury accessories

L'Luxury accessory for men Being one of the fundamentals to enhance your outfits with a trendy touch. Jewelry, bags, vseintures, Hats & caps And other elegant parts punctuate your formal and informal outfits with a resolutely fashionable signature.

Discover our range ofHigh -end accessories for men which lend a contemporary look at the male silhouette.

High -end belts, hats and caps

L’Men's luxury accessory is linked a practical and functional aspect but is also the vector of your style and your influences. L’Men's brand accessory is the detail that will allow you to give your look personality.

Make a statement and assert your style thanks to our range D’Luxury brand accessories. Refined strips, brilliant curls and incomparable know-how, our range of belts luxury creators, will bring the trendy touch and in the times of your looks

Of hats to the cap by going through the cap, the headgear has returned in force for a few years and will be theLuxury men's accessory which will enhance your daily outfits with subtlety and refinement.

Dare to bring out your style thanks to the greatest fashion creators who put their know-how and their creativity at the service of trends. Elegant and in tune with the times, our High -end accessories for men will add a trendy shine to all the outfits you will wear.

Big brand perfumes

Duchatel offers you a selection of luxury perfumes Unique and refined that are inspired by the magnetism of Biarritz, the city on his feet in the water. Dress your skin and interior with delicate scents born from love between perfume and art of living.

On your skin, our Luxury perfume for men brings out contemporary masculinity as daring as it is refined, of your personality. It is a trip of the senses that accompanies you all day with the Men's brand perfume. Precious fragrance, deeply modern style, the Luxury men's perfume highlights all the male intensity that is in you.

Resolutely iconic, the Men's brand perfume exercises his power of seduction with natural insurance and a spirit imbued with freedom.

Fact, both for the free spirits to the vibrating character, for refined and daring interiors, the selection of High -end perfumes From Duchatel dresses you, you and your interior, with subtle but assertive notes.

Travel your interior and your senses using our range of perfumes in High -end room fragrance. A subtle and refined art of living, the room fragrance is an extension of your personality. Born of the creative requirement that characterizes large houses, Men's luxury perfumes that we offer you are the ultimate luxury accessory that reveals your free character, but also the uniqueness of your interior.
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