Luxury accessories for women

Discover our range ofLuxury accessories for women. The selection includes both classic luxury pieces from large houses and original luxury creations.

High -end belts

Enjoy your outfitsLuxury accessories for women. Because it is the detail that will make the difference in your outfit, choose from our range ofhigh -end women's brand accessory The one who will enhance your figure, will reveal your style and make you feel woman.

Sublimate your outfits with detail that will make the difference in your outfits. Refined strips, brilliant curls and incomparable know-how, our range of belts luxury creators such as Bottega Veneta or iconic Saint Laurent whose tradition continues with the now renowned house Saint Laurent, will bring the chic and elegant touch to your outfits.

Adopt a bohemian, trendy or classic chic look by accessorizing your outfits scarves luxury for women. Worn in the hair, a belt or around the neck, they are theLuxury accessory for women 2022 trend.Keep your head warm in style on all occasion with our range of hats & caps from the biggest houses.

Dare the pep touch, theTrendy brand accessory Who will finish your outfit and sublimate you. Elegant and in tune with the times, our luxury accessories will add a splendor of refinement to all the outfits you will wear.

Brand perfumes

Dress your interior and your skin of freedom with our luxury perfumes. Inspired by the refined exotic of Biarritz, the Duchatel store offers you a selection of High -end perfumes which will travel your senses and your interior.

Glamor and elegance bottled, our range of Brand perfumes for women will bring out all the feminite which is in you. Best ally of modern women and in tune with the times, worn as a luxury accessory, Our luxury perfumes You will dress all day. Worn inside the wrists, behind the ears or even at the birth of the chest, the perfume, in addition to being an olfactory work, is undoubtedly a luxury accessory which reveals our personality.

Born of the creative requirement, made from exceptional products; Our range of Luxury perfume for women You will discover a world through your senses and will accompany you even at home. Extension of your identity, our luxury perfumes, used in Branded room fragrance, transmit a personality to your interior.

Luxurious, original, rare fragrances, our High -end interior fragrances, are a cry of freedom that envelops your interior and dresses you daily.
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