IKIJI was founded in Japan by a group of craftsmen with exceptional skills. Our products include cut and sew clothing, shirts, leather accessories and denim. We have established a network of first-class factories in Japan, producing high quality products through years of accumulated skills and know-how. From material development and sample creation to production, our high-quality manufacturing is made possible by our history and the trust we have built over the years. This is IKIJI's strength.
IKIJI was born in the Sumida district, which is said to be the birthplace of Japanese knitting. It is also the place where Hokusai, the world famous ukiyo-e artist, was born and raised. Since then, various craftsmen and artists continue to settle in this unique place, rich in history, tradition and culture, where the spirit of Iki and the Edo community endures to this day. IKIJI was founded by craftsmen who inherited the tradition and spirit of Edo, creating products that fit modern lifestyles. Today, IKIJI's network of artisans includes artisans all over Japan.

The word "iki" is the origin of IKIJI. Historically, "iki" refers to the aesthetics of the Edo people. It is not simply a visual beauty, but a sense of playfulness, even eroticism, which can be subtly appreciated by the initiated. Iki can be expressed in various ways such as style, behavior and speech. It is a way of being. IKIJI's mission is to express this Japanese aesthetic of iki in today's fashion, which is considered a difficult challenge in modern style.