Perrine Taverniti's feminine and refined creations are entirely handmade in Paris. Made of gold-plated brass and adorned with glass crystals, the creations are part of the current trend for imposing accessories. Even before its launch, the brand has been featured in fashion magazines such as "Dull". Passionate about art, Perrine Taverniti grew up in a family of designers. Trained at the Esmod school, she quickly specialized in jewelry. Sensitive to beautiful materials, she graduated from " Christian Lacroix ", " Marie Seguy " and " Les Cerises de Mars ". She is now launching her own line, drawing her inspiration from art and design. "I use brass chains that I have gilded with 24-carat gold at gilders in Paris. Metal is the material of predilection that I mix with glass crystals, as well as with antique jewelry. Then, in my workshop in Paris, I hammer, shape, file, polish, sign... and then a jewel is born... it is unique", says Perrine Taverniti, the creator.