Founded in 2000 in Paris, Inès & Maréchal is a luxury brand born from the collaboration between Inès, a journalist with a passion for fashion and design, and Alain Maréchal, a specialist in the purchase of raw materials who has worked for the greatest names in fashion. Known for the flexibility of its materials and the disconcerting ease of its silhouettes, Inès & Maréchal reinterprets the classics of luxury in its own way, combining arty notes and sobriety. Concerned about the environmental impact, Inès & Maréchal combines the high-end concept with sustainable development by using a short circuit and by closely following its entire production chain, from the sourcing of its raw materials - exclusively in Europe - to the making of its collection and the distribution of its products. Faced with the increasingly alarming problem of overconsumption, especially in the fashion industry, Inès & Maréchal encourages its customers to adopt an eco-responsible approach to fashion through sustainable collections, not only in terms of the quality of the materials but also in terms of timeless styles. Since its inception, the brand has made values its priority - inviting artisans and collaborators into the whole human adventure by sharing its ethics and quest for meaning. In the brand's workshops, located in the heart of Paris, craftsmanship is the key word: in the cutting workshop, the skins are first rigorously selected according to their appearance, suppleness and colors (only natural dyes are used), before being carefully cut, and then handed over to the sewing workshop, which assembles them by hand according to traditional French know-how. The result is a delicate finishing work and a meticulous quality control. Thus, each piece of clothing is unique, the result of many hours of artisanal work. By combining the values of the brand and its sharp vision of fashion, Inès & Maréchal creates responsible luxury and dresses for women whose conscience and elegance go hand in hand.