When we launched Dr. Collectors 8 years ago, our main goal was to create a unique clothing brand that embodied our love for California, the place we have chosen to call home for the past 15 years of our lives. Based on our past experience with our first store in the South of France in the 80's, we never intended to open a store again. The headache of running our own store was too much of a burden to bear. Our original store was run by myself (Olivier) and my longtime partner, Beatrice, and sold Levi's, vintage military clothing and other vintage items. Today, we incorporate these items into the Dr. Collectors brand by running a small family business that creates and makes what we love day in and day out.

Our son, Teddy Grasset, has always pushed us to open another store and envisioned Dr. Collectors becoming a globally recognized brand. While we were content to have a clothing brand sold online and wholesale to various retailers around the world, Teddy's desire to open a store only grew as the brand gained popularity. Finally, we gave in (as most parents do) and decided to open a new concept: The Trading Post Gallery. Collectors with our love of Native American culture, Japanese aesthetics, vintage finds, the Parisian lifestyle and of course, indigo which is a major component of the brand. It's the perfect combination of all the things we love that are deeply rooted in our DNA.