The universality of serving individuality.

Designer Rabih Kayrouz developed his sensitivity to find the right proportion and accurately perceive the needs of women by designing unique works for privileged customers, especially wedding dresses.

In 2009, after his success, he left his native Lebanon and moved to an old theater on La sper Avenue in Paris. In the French capital, he had the opportunity to learn his craft. Once again, he exuded an anonymous smell, which was conducive to creation.

Rabih kayrouz house aspires to a ready-made ideal: it provides a thoughtful wardrobe that can adapt to different bodies, times and situations, while respecting the uniqueness of each woman. In other words, the universality of serving personality.

Rabih Kayrouz is a unique figure in the fashion world. Rabih Kayrouz, like his master Yves Saint Laurent or Alaya, was a craftsman: he handled fabrics, cut fabrics and considered appearance. A real architect. Through his collection, he put forward a fashion philosophy, an idea that can be called eternal quiet luxury, which runs counter to the passing trend.

In 2019, the Paris Fashion Association awarded him a famous high-end fashion brand. The rabih kerouz family joined forces with the greatest families, such as Chanel, Dior, Jean Paul Gautier and Givenchy.

The house also developed a series of jewelry, inspired by the labor of time and natural elements. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, whether made of gold impregnated brass and copper or carved wood, are combined like a moving body. The perfect silhouette of rabih kerouz.

As for extraordinary, creators continue to develop unique unnecessary luxury goods for exclusive customers.