Biarritz's fashion address.

Duchatel has been in Biarritz for 15 years and is located on the famous Edward VII Avenue. This modern boutique features high-quality materials such as stone, marble, fence and stainless steel. The lines are clear, clear and accurate.


Depending on the season and collection, the clothes in this boutique are also different. If the first floor is reserved for women, then this floor is reserved for men, with space for accessories, leather goods and shoes. Fabrice and Patrick, the founder and artistic director of duchatel Biarritz, like pure luxury most: a luxury that does not show off, a luxury reflected in quality, beautiful materials, new shapes and original tailoring. From the beginning, they are committed to providing high-end and fashionable choices to meet the tastes and desires of most people. They also give themselves a mission and always surprise customers. Both of them are pioneers in the soul and pay attention to the future trend. Each season, they will select young designers and new confidential brands from all over the world.


Although duchatel Biarritz's DNA is designed to stand out and take risks, it also meets the needs of customers looking for standard, more classic parts. In short, duchatel Biarritz is an involuntary open mind. It's all about sharing and trust. Let experts guide you.