The path of enthusiasts

Fabrice is attracted by art, design and fashion from an early age. His studies in luxury marketing in Paris will make him multiply experiences alongside both passionate and visionaries. It begins with a passage at Francine Brandhof then owner of one of the most famous multi-clubs of the time in France, renowned for its refined and avant-garde eye. This experience will learn from the job and introduce it to the rigorous luxury codes. Then, other opportunities come with Condenast editions, especially as a stylist assistant alongside fashion sides such as Italian Manuela Pavesi or Robert Rabeinsteiner with whom he chained the Shooting for Vogue, ad ... with Helmut Newton or Peter Lindbergh.

At the turn of a shoot, a first meeting takes place with Patrick who operates on the trays as hair stylist. At the same time as his missions on the shooting, Patrick launched very young in the entrepreneur life by opening in Bordeaux a hairdresser he will hold for 15 years; This certainly helping in the future that it will build with Fabrice ... An innate sense for creation is also revealed in Patrick as soon as childhood through the drawing. He then won a passion for the hats he drawn by hundreds.

Both originating in the Southwest, they attend Biarritz since an early age. They go by chance again the time of a weekend and then decide to definitively pose their suitcases and to embark on the mad bet of a new adventure: that of Duchatel Biarritz. They will need a good year of reflection and studies to draw the foundations and find the right place. They open their first shop dedicated only to the ready-to-wear man in Villa Duchatel at 17, Avenue Edouard VII. This is obvious for them to use the name of this villa that has seen so much fashion history. In addition to welcoming hermès in her walls, she had the famous tenant during the crazy years, in place and place of the current shop, the house Lanvin and the jeweller Boucheron for neighbor.

With the success and image they develop with the man, Fabrice and Patrick will quickly be solicited by the biggest houses to embark on the world of women; Which is only rightly the logical suite of their first adventures related to Parisian fashion. From there arrived 5 years later the opening of Duchatel Biarritz, the expansion of their activity at 48 Avenue Edouard VII. Housed under the Lacombe Arches, its large minimum space gives expression to their vision of the universe of luxury for both the man and for the woman but also for the design. A global sense of the lifestyle at the same time singular, chic and bold that characterizes them in adequacy with the story of Biarritz.