Wendy Andreu interview

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

In my work, inspiration is multiple. I really like to rethink manufacturing techniques that comes from my interest in crafts. I very often question myself on the way things are done around me objects, furniture, ... We often take what we buy for granted when any object requires the transformation of a raw material, raw in one manufactured product. This transformation is the fruit of know-how, energies, infrastructure, pollution ... I also really like to look at architecture and feed on its construction details. Fashion is something that also fascinates me, it is very interesting aesthetically and societically.

What made you want to do this job?

 Since I was 14, I’ve been studying in applied arts. I was also at the Cantau high school in Anglet. What I immediately liked in art was his ability to give an additional dimension to life. It allows us to observe, to look with a new eye what surrounds us. I do not regret having chosen this path today today.

What is your background ?

I first did a craft school in the Boulle school, it allowed me to develop technical knowledge. Then I continued at the Academy design, where the approach of design was more conceptual and avant-garde. The Dutch teachers pushed us to go beyond our creative limits and asked us to get out of our "comfort zone". My textile practice was then born from a failure that of not knowing how to use traditional techniques such as seam, knitting and weaving. Nevertheless, having the will to do something with flexible materials, I decided to stick the cotton strings that I had with silicone in order to create a composite material. Since then, I have changed this material thanks to more or less complex molding systems in order to create fashion accessories and furniture. Some of the dragon armchairs are exhibited at the Duchatel store.

What do you inspire the city of Biarritz?

I have been in Biarritz since I was 14, I first studied in a city next to it. Later, I was doing the summer seasons at the Palais hotel.

I often come back with a lot of pleasure, the city is magnificent, the ocean grandiose, and delicious gastronomy. More and more people I know settle there and I understand them as soon as I put my suitcases there, the pressure goes down and everything becomes soft.

Also, I appreciate that the city is "safe" and open to LGBT people. I notably attended the first queer and feminist surf festival the classic surf festival here in Biarritz!

What is the most inspiring place in Biarritz?

There are lots of elements inspiring in particular in the design of public space. I love all the projected concrete rambards as well as those imitating wooden branches. I love the Basques coast with its huge staircase and the reinforcements on the cliff. It’s impressive and the light is beautiful. But the staircase I prefer is the one next to the Miramar hotel.

What are the things that make me happy?

To move forward, I always need to have a goal to achieve. What makes me happy is therefore to do everything to achieve these objectives. This can be a new object that I wish to make, a trip I want to make ... One of my next challenges is to make a residence at the Marseille glass art center, CIRVA where I hope to develop innovative techniques for work the glass. Also, I am very attracted to the United States and I hope to be able to go very soon.