Di.loer is sartorial ceramics - the unmistakable Italian adjective for purity of cut, correctness of proportion, dexterity of creative process. Di.loer is the personal project of an Italian designer, the culmination of a creative journey that began twenty years earlier, from Milanese fashion houses to Balmain's design office in Paris. It is the free and harmonious expression of an inventive spirit that finds happiness in assembling, playing with volumes and shapes, textures and colors. From fashion to ceramics, cutting, assembling, modeling, finishing: nothing changes from one art to the other. The material changes, the gestures remain: the pattern is cut in clay, which replaces the fabrics of ready-to-wear. Scissors and pins are replaced by sculpting tools, sponges and compasses. The feverishness of the backstage follows the patient waiting of the end of the firing, near the kiln. Ceramics requires silence and concentration, it brings joys, new rewards. At the opposite end of the spectrum from frenzy, it teaches humility and constancy, and calms the mind. Di.loer, a universe of memories, research and passions, epiphanies and obsessions. Symmetry and sex, geometry and sensuality of forms, rigor, vigor. A voice, the expression of an individuality, the antidote to the superficiality of our time.