PELLAT-FINET takes rarity and exclusivity to the extreme, instilling impertinence into the indispensable, hybridizing the nobility of cashmere with the insolence of an urban silhouette, reinventing the ultimate luxury with a knitwear attitude. Each of its sweaters is knitted from the finest cashmere yarn in the world, sublimated by traditional English craftsmanship, rustic finishes and a dense yet supple Scottish "hand. Their shapes, colors and unexpected combinations shake up men's and women's wardrobes. And they compose collections without a calendar, with respect for the rhythm of nature and the time of creation as a cardinal value.
PELLAT-FINET defends a small-scale production, intended for a clientele of connoisseurs who unabashedly combine the casualness of sportswear with the refinement of fine craftsmanship. Its boutiques are nomadic and intimate settings, like places in motion that can accommodate the irrepressible desires of a here and now. PELLAT-FINET is also the legacy of a designer named Lucien. A hedonist with an avant-garde spirit, against the tide of fashion. In the 1980s, he imagined the ideal garment to accompany him on his transatlantic journeys: a cashmere sweater, with no label sewn on the collar or logo, knitted with the greatest care in the most sensual fiber available. The combination of the refinement of the manufacturing and the minimalism of a sweater cut like a timeless tee-shirt. An "anti-fashion" approach that establishes it as the leader of an elite in search of comfort and rarity.
Designed in Paris and manufactured in London from an excellent Italian yarn, PELLAT-FINET's collections claim the essentialism of a knitwear without apparent brand. Their only standard is the quality of their unique cashmere and their freedom to think outside the box. They are aimed at purists in search of new experiences, as well as at a young generation that creates its own codes and new horizons. A timeless luxury for iconoclastic aesthetes.