Luxury as you have never seen it
The essential fashion address in Biarritz
Present in Biarritz for 15 years, Duchatel is located
On the prestigious avenue Édouard VII. This shop
modern and refined gives pride of place to materials
quality such as stone, marble, rosewood
Or stainless steel. The lines are sober, clear, precise.
Versatile, the store is revealed in different attires to
grateful of seasons and collections. If the ground floor
is reserved for women, the floor is dedicated to man with
a space for accessories, leather goods and
shoes. What Fabrice and Patrick - Founders and
artistic directors of Duchatel Biarritz - love
above all, it is luxury in its purest form: the one that does not
is not displayed, the one that is reflected in quality, the beautiful
Materials, new forms, original cuts.
Has always been the desire to offer a selection
high -speed high -speed with heterogeneous styles in order to
meet the tastes and desires of the greatest number.
They also gave themselves the mission to always surprise
their customers. Avant-garde in the soul, and on the lookout for
upcoming trends, the duo selects each season of
young creators and new confidential brands
from all over the world. If Duchatel's DNA
Biarritz is to stand out and take risks,
The proposed offer also meets the requests of a
Customers looking for standard, more classic parts.
In a few words, Duchatel Biarritz is the opening
non -consensual mind. Everything is about sharing
and confidence. Let yourself be guided and let the