SHILOH HERITAGE is a fashion brand whose products are for sale exclusively online. Launching in October 2019, the brand offers high-end products "designed" in Paris and designed in factories with the product's own know-how. The name evokes notions of serenity ("Shiloh" means "Haven of Peace" in Hebrew) and transmission: that of know-how, of tradition. This famous "Heritage". The designer Johanna Touitou chose to start the history of the brand with a single product to control the quality and style. Rigor and precision are paramount values. 

 The Midnight, a personal interpretation of the santiag, was born in the mind of the designer Johanna Touitou from a boot she could not find, "sharp", straight but with softness and nobility. A shape that reveals the agreement between the requirements of the material and the aspirations of the spirit, perfect vehicle of the values of the brand.

SHILOH HERITAGE reflects Johanna Touitou's vision: strong yet wearable, authentic and feminine pieces. Affirmed but affordable luxury, a perpetual renewal.