Marguerite Bartherotte alias G.Kero draws and paints since her childhood, small sensual characters who swing with style. Her encounter with fashion dates back to 2007. On a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Philippe, her brother, is looking for an original t-shirt. Disappointed by the standards of fashion, he asks his sister to send him a drawing to make a more personal t-shirt. It is when she sees the pictures of her brother on the beach of Ipanema with the T-shirt printed with his drawing that Marguerite has the revelation. She will make the clothing her space of expression. The artist begins to paint on her friends' T-shirts. Friends of friends flock to her studio at the tip of Cap-Ferret. A wooden hut under the pines facing the ocean. The brother and sister create G.Kero in August 2011 with a third partner, a childhood friend, Arnaud Champeil.