Born in Switzerland, Walid spent his childhood in England and was offered a place at Saint Martin's School of Art. His parents, however, felt that a more traditional degree was more suitable for him. Some might have seen this as a stumbling block, but Walid feels it offered him a unique opportunity: "Sometimes it's better not to have the guidelines of an art education.

You don't have those restrictions."

After traveling to the United States to study, he returned to London to explore his true sartorial passions. He landed a Saturday job at the famous Pellicano boutique at 63 South Molton Street - the first port of call for Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney - where he gained valuable behind-the-scenes knowledge of luxury fashion. Climbing the ladder and accompanying the owners of the fashion pioneers on frequent buying trips, he quickly got a taste for the retail world.

Later, in 2011, the concept for By Walid was born; having loved and collected vintage textiles, friends encouraged Walid to showcase his pieces during Paris Fashion Week. Armed with four 19th century linen jackets, he borrowed an apartment (to show the garments) and anticipated the possibility of a dozen orders; he took on the challenge of the 800 that followed. This was the beginning of the development of By Walid.